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A developer at Beat Games has revealed that he imitates a child when testing new levels to implement in Beat Saber.

In an interview on the PlayStation BlogBeat Saber level creator Josh “Freeek” Joynes said that the developers test new songs on all difficulties and for various age groups:

“I test songs at varying speeds to make sure they are flawless, I play on my knees when testing Easy and hold my arms in, trying to imitate what it’s like playing as a kid. On higher difficulties like Expert+, every section is also tested to make sure it’s physically possible to Full Combo, rather than just hypothetically.”

Joynes also spoke about some of the inspirations behind the moves in the game’s levels. He cited lyrics as an obvious inspiration, but also mentioned specific elements such as “a major/minor scale, the current instruments, and any external meanings or traditions about a song, amongst other things.”

Beat Saber became known early last year, when lead designer and programmer Ján Ilavský showed off a gameplay teaser, which has since received over two million views on YouTube. Joynes revealed that Ilavský tests all levels before they are implemented in the game, making any changes where necessary.

Beat Saber was nominated for Best Virtual Reality Game during OnlySP’s Best of 2018 ceremony, but was beaten by Astro Bot Rescue Mission. The game is available on PC through HTC Vive, Oculus Rift, and Windows Mixed Reality, and on PlayStation 4 via PlayStation VR. The game was also a launch title for Oculus Quest, a virtual reality headset released in May this year.

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