The crowdfunded MechWarrior spin-off BattleTech has been pushed to early 2018, after previously being scheduled for release at the end of this year.

According to the publishers at Paradox Interactive, the delay is to ensure that the game meets the quality standards set by previous efforts of the development team at Harebrained Schemes. The studio is best known for the well-received Shadowrun series, which was similarly funded with the assistance of KickStarter.

The crowdfunding campaign for BattleTech launched in September 2015, seeking USD$250,000, but ultimately raised over $2.75 million, ensuring that a full-fledged (and expanded) single-player campaign would be included, as well as PvP multiplayer.

Harebrained Schemes was pushing to meet the original launch window, but ultimately decided to delay the game to ensure that the final product matches the expectations of the game’s backers and fans. To soften the blow, the team has announced a massive update to the Backer Beta, scheduled to take place later this week. The update will improve AI and user interfaces, as well as making some changes to the core gameplay and balancing. Another update to implement PvP is expected to arrive soon, with the full Beta set to run for at least another month.

While announcing the delay, Paradox Interactive CEO Fredrik Wester said, “We believe in the Harebrained Schemes team, and want them to give the game the time and attention they need to create a turn-based game worthy of the [BattleTech] name.”

Previously, Harebrained Schemes CEO Jordan Weisman explained that this adaptation will retain the considerable strategic depth found in the tabletop wargame by focusing on heat, stability, and melee as the three pillars of combat.

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Damien Lawardorn
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