Battlefield V

At EA’s press conference today, DICE revealed that more details about the ‘War Stories’ single player campaign for Battlefield V will be available tomorrow.

In the midst of a presentation focused firmly on the multiplayer offerings of the title, EA revealed that the game will include segments focusing on “human heroism.” The stories will focus on “real and relatable characters facing the brutality of war.” The first story to be detailed will be that of Nordlys, a female freedom fighter on the Norwegian home front, while the developers have also previously hinted at Scandinavia, northern Africa, and Rotterdam as planned settings.

The campaigns are also expected to adopt the vaunted destruction systems and new gameplay possibilities of multiplayer, which includes windows that players can now dive through.

DICE announced Battlefield V and the return of the ‘War Stories’ last month. At that time, the game was confirmed to return to the fields of World War II, with a focus on stories that have not been told in video games before in an attempt to drive home the struggles of war.

The narrative structure originated in the franchise’s previous game, Battlefield 1.

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