The Creative Director of Battlefield Hardline, Ian Milham, took to Twitter today to provide some new details regarding Battlefield Hardline’s upcoming single player campaign mode. Some of the answers may entice you a bit.

According to Milham, the campaign will feature a total of ten “episodes” which will vary in length. Some episodes, which Milham says plays out like a season from a television show, will last under an hour, and some may last more than an hour. Visceral also mentioned the possibility of adding more episodes to the game later on as DLC.

The campaign, while featuring a more open ended gameplay experience than we’ve previously seen in Battlefield games, also won’t be able to be completed using only stealth. Some of the trademarks of linear FPS campaigns will be there, including “big climatic moments”, says Milham. With the way the game was designed, Milham was sure to note that there’s some added replayability within in the campaign as there’s a number of different ways to tackle certain situations in the campaign.

Visceral has also worked to keep the gameplay mostly free of QTE’s to focus on more dynamic gameplay in the campaign. We’ve seen this in action via a gameplay video released for the single player campaign a few months ago.

You can visit Milham’s Twitter profile for more details on Battlefield Hardline as he finished up his live QA just a little bit ago.

From what we’ve seen of the campaign so far, Visceral seems to be making a Battlefield campaign worthy of playing. Or so we hope. We’ll be sure to let you know if you should play it or not once we get our hands on the game, so don’t forget to stay tuned to OnlySP by following us on Facebook and Twitter.

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  1. Sounds like this wil have a better campaign than the order then….well that is getting a point across to other devs dont make uber scripted linear games they are so last gen.

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