The Battlefield series has spent years defining the military shooter genre, but in 2015, Battlefield: Hardline will stray from this formula and enter the foray of heists and street crimes. Developed by Visceral Games, the studio behind the successful Dead Space series, Battlefield: Hardline is set in the seedy streets of Miami where a drug war has broken out and new detective, Mendoza, along with his veteran partner, Khai Minh Dao, must follow the trail and stop the corruption using both sides of the law.


The Vision

First announced at E3 2014 as a new title in the Battlefield series, Hardline was envisioned by DICE as new foray into the “cops and robbers” gameplay style, always wanting to originally develop a title in that vein. Visceral took up the reins a year before Dead Space 3 shipped, according to Creative Director, Ian Milham. The team wanted to introduce new game types such as heists, hostage situations and high speed chases. The single player has been described as “not entirely linear” with a promise to deliver a campaign more engaging than Battlefield 4.


Featuring the traditional first-person shooter controls of the previous series, Battlefield: Hardline breaks away from the mold with new game types and urban setting maps. With a shift in tone on “War on Crime”, the main factions in the game are the Police Special Response Units and the criminals. Military grade weapons and vehicles will still be available, along with special accessories such as handcuffs and tazers.

The levolution mechanic introduced in Battlefield 4 will be making a much larger return, with multiple levolutions occurring in each map, such as a giant crane crashing into a construction building. New game modes include: Heists, Blood Money, Hot Wire mode and Rescue, where hostages must be saved.



Much of the story for Hardline has been kept secret, with only few details slipping out from Visceral Games. As far as we know, newly minted detective Mendoza must team up with Veteran officer, Khai Minh Dao, as they become embroiled in a large-scale drug war in the streets of Miami. They are introduced to various levels of crime and corruption within the police force, trying to weed out the bad apples and end the drug supply spreading throughout the city. The story is meant to be based off crime and heists movies, featuring an array of motifs that fans of the genre will notice.


Battlefield: Hardline is the next exciting entry in the long beloved Battlefield series, and while some fans and critics are wary because of its break from the military conventions it has come to be known for, there is still plenty to be excited about. Introducing a spin in the formula with cops versus robbers, and planting players into urban settings not expected of the large maps seen in previous games, Battlefield: Hardline plans to produce game types that engage players with multiple tasks while fighting off the crime in the city.

Battlefield: Hardline releases on March 17th, 2015 for Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC. For more updates on the game, follow our Facebook and Twitter pages.

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