EA has revealed the first details of Battlefield V as part of a livestream, confirming that the franchise will return to World War II.

Battlefield V will feature the same ‘War Stories’ style narrative design as its predecessor, Battlefield 1. These vignette-styled stories War Stories will focus on both German and British forces, exploring locations that have yet to be seen in World War II games, such as Scandinavia, Rotterdam, and the deserts of Northern Africa. Design Director Daniel Berlin said the mode will feature “new characters to meet and untold stories to discover.” The developers said “the team has gained so much experience that his is the game we really wanted to build, and that we did.”

One of the war stories will feature a female protagonist fighting with the Norwegian Resistance Fighters as they push the invading German forces back.

According to the developers, “For us, the ‘War Stories’ are our opportunities to put the war into perspective.” Players will “witness the Second World War through the eyes of the men and women that changed the world.”

The single-player story will focus on the human level and have players exploring their own battlefield story, with player agency being a key experience. The game will feature new maneuver systems along with the return of world destruction. Vehicles and weapons will interact with the world in all new ways.

The game will launch on EA Access, Origin, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on October 19, with the deluxe edition being available three days earlier.

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