We know that members of the press have already gotten to see bits and pieces of the next iteration of the Battlefield series, as we reported a couple weeks that Gamestop managers got a chance to see the game first hand. Earlier today, EA also put up a teaser on the Battlefield site for premium users with a new video that unlocks tomorrow, the 15th. However, the cover art for the game may have leaked out a bit early, with writers at Battlefieldo, one of the leading sites for Battlefield news around the net giving a clear description of the art they’ve seen, but are unable to post it.

Here’s the description from Battlefieldo:

It resembles that of the original Battlefield 3 cover. A man running, in the rain along with tanks, APC’s, and a small teaser image of a jet just to the right of his body.

 The buildings in the background also resemble that of the original Battlefield 3 artwork. He appears to be holding a suppressed EBR rifle with a support bipod, along with a 1911 pistol with a tac-light in his other hand. The character’s face has evolved from Battlefield 3, sporting slicked back hair in an American military uniform.

The cover art snippet is below, which certainly fits the description seen above.


What do you think single players? If the description from Battlefieldo is true, then there’s almost no doubt this is the cover art for the game. Stay tuned for more info on Battlefield 4 as we find it. If the game does include a campaign, you can expect us to cover that portion of the game. We’ll decide whether to cover it or not once more details are released in the coming days. If you didn’t see earlier news, the game is expected to be fully revealed on March 26th (one day before by birthday :) ) as EA has sent out invites to the press for the event.

Nick Calandra
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  1. well it certainly…looks like a BF3 sequel…

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