Battle Princess Madelyn

Causal Bit Games and Limited Run have announced that Battle Princess Madelyn‘s Royal Edition will be available for pre-order on Nintendo Switch starting October 25.

Additionally, a physical edition for the PlayStation 4 is being released.

Pre-orders for Battle Princess Madelyn Royal Edition will be available through the Limited Run Games store. However, it is much different than the typical special edition game, as it includes a wealth of gameplay refinements—many of which ‘trim the fat.’

Royal Edition will come with a revamped Arcade Mode that uses a control scheme that Chris Obritsch and the rest of the development team envisioned in early prototypes of the game.

Additionally, in-game dialogue has been removed, and level design has been completely changed to lend to much faster gameplay.

Speaking on visual changes in Royal Edition, Obritsch said in a blog post, “The game is also now in 4:3 mode with a few wallpapers to select from, one of them being Madelyn’s original art for boss fights and enemy designs. I decided to go with this mode, as a lot of people have been making mini arcade machines out of their Switches to play the game, and the smaller screen gives it a much more authentic feel and doesn’t take away from the game at all.”

Summarizing the upcoming special release, Obritsch continued, “So, in short, Royal Edition is a director’s cut of Arcade Mode. It’s a few levels longer and much more diverse than the original game’s Arcade Mode, with many changes to the playstyle. Ten levels of action and 11 bosses to fight—three of them being completely new.”

You can pick up Battle Princess Madelyn now on Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. Nintendo Switch’s Royal Edition will be available for pre-order October 25 at the Limited Run Games store. The PlayStation 4 physical edition will also release at that time.

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