The Kickstarter campaign for Bulkhead Interactive’s World War 2 shooter has been very successful and with six days left in the campaign the developers have revealed the stretch goals. One of the stretch goals includes a single player campaign for the game, but there’s a catch.

Currently the campaign has raised $359,868 of its original $142,577 goal. Translated into euros that’s a grand total of €252,418. For the single player campaign to be added to the game, Bulkhead is looking to raise 1.2 million euros within the next six days, so it’s highly unlikely that goal will be reached.

“One massive request from the larger community was to add a single player campaign,” Bulkhead said. “Whilst the heart of Battalion lies in the multiplayer experience (which will always be our core focus), we would consider adding a single player campaign if we reached £1,200,000. Good single player campaigns aren’t cheap to make, there’s no ‘add single player’ button for us; it would cost a lot of time and money to make, hence the large funding goal.”

We’ll keep an eye on the Battalion 1944 campaign as it draws to a close to see how close it gets to the single player campaign stretch goal, but for now don’t get too excited. Maybe after the base game releases Bulkhead will look into adding the campaign once they’ve acquired the extra funds needed.

Battalion 1944 is planned for release on the PS4, Xbox One and PC.

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