This is a new one, a game that was already released has now been delayed. Probably better than just letting people continue to send in reports about a game not working though so props to Warner Brothers and Rocksteady for that.

Anyways, Batman: Arkham Knight released this past Tuesday and has received mostly positive reviews across the board. However, these reviews were only for the console version of the game, which I’m currently playing through right now without a hitch. The PC version of the game, is another story however.

Since the game’s release, users have been reporting performance problems by the dozen. As it turns out, the game was ported to the PC by Iron Galaxy and was not developed in-house by Rocksteady. Following this revelation and all the performance issues the game is having, Warner Brothers suspended sales of the game on PC and has now delayed the game all the way to Fall 2015, according to the Steam product page.

Hopefully Rocksteady, or Iron Galaxy, or whoever is developing the game can get these issues sorted out sooner rather than later. We’ll be sure to keep you updated on all the latest regarding Batman: Arkham Knight so stay tuned to OnlySP on Facebook and Twitter.

Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. Good move on their part. I bought it through a Green Man Gaming deal for 40% off, now I’m wondering if there were people aware of these issues before it released. Luckily they gave me a full refund. Now to pick up the PS4 version.

  2. and where ectly it says PC VERSION it was delayed to fall 2015? release date for linux and mac was ALWAYS fall 2015, and it continues that way. PC VERSION is TEMPORARILY delayed, but by no means until fall 2015. fail post

  3. WRONG.

    Coming this fall for Linux, Mac and Steam OS, not Windows. That’s been there for months.

    Please read properly before spreading false information.

    1. Or maybe you should read properly before accusing others of spreading false information. ALL PC sales have been suspended, regardless of OS.

      Also, please do not spam the same comment across multiple articles. This is your one and only warning.

      1. You’re still wrong, because even though the Windows PC version is suspended, they never stated the Windows version will get delayed to Fall 2015.

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