Oi, Innkeep!

Bad Bandit Games has announced Oi, Innkeep!, a cartoon-ish first-person inn management game.

Bad Bandit tweeted out the reveal of its new project with a short trailer and scant gameplay details earlier. The two-person company promises that the title will be “a first-person management game [where] you cook food, serve drinks, get to know people and fix their problems.”

The inclusion of first-person, along with the promise that players will get to know their tipsy clientele intimately, already hints that Oi, Innkeep! is adding some well-needed personal depth to the management genre.

Bad Bandit has also tweeted out some other small details, such as the pouring of mead, some animations from the inn kitchen, as well as farming footage. The announcement and trailer is embedded below in all its pastoral boozy glory.

Bad Bandit, consisting of artist/programmer Rich Sanders and designer/writer Hayden Zammit, has only worked on the Stream Greenlight title Bit Bandit to date.

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Ben Newman

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