On Christmas Day, the fan film of 2013’s Tomb Raider, Croft was released to the world by CanCinema and it is just as action packed as the initial trailer evoked.

Now with almost 200,000 views on YouTube, this take on the Tomb Raider remake has garnered the attention of many including Kotaku, Victor Lucas (from Reviews on the Run) and Square Enix’s Vice President of Marketing, and for good reason.

This fan film features excellent acting across the board, fluid camera work, and visceral action scenes. Overall, for a non-profit project, this is darn impressive.

What are your opinions on this fan project and which games would you want to see be given the proper fan film treatment? As I stated before, I would love to see some interpretations of Kingdom Hearts and Uncharted but I would also love to see works on Beyond Good and Evil, The Legend of Zelda, and Shadow of the Colossus! Comment below.

Chris Penwell
Chris Penwell is an editor who loves an engaging story and interesting combat within games. Previously writing for PlayStation Euphoria, Chris is a fan of most Sony Computer Entertainment titles including Uncharted, The Last of Us, and even White Knight Chronicles but he is open to all platforms. His ultimate goal is to go to E3 and interview the developers who have created the games he has loved throughout the 15 past years of his gaming experiences. His most anticipated games include Kingdom Hearts III, Beyond Good and Evil 2, The Division, Final Fantasy XV, and Destiny.

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