Aven Colony

Aven Colony, the sci-fi city management simulator from debut studio Mothership Entertainment, will release on PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One on July 25.

Set on the distant planet of Aven Prime, the game tasks players with setting up and maintaining a functioning society in the face of the threats that the extraterrestrial world presents. Those threats include the harsh environmental conditions, which includes toxic clouds, and the hostile local lifeforms, ranging from sandworms to pervasive spores capable of infecting both buildings and colonists.

The core gameplay will be supported by a robust single-player campaign that will allow players to uncover the history and mysteries of Aven Prime. However, the central mechanics of city management titles such as SimCity will be expanded through the inclusion of seasonal cycles and splinter factions that threaten the continued survival of the colony. Players will also be tasked with exploring alien ruins and recovering artefacts that may help the development of the extraterrestrial society.

Aven Colony will include a handful of different maps, each of which will feature unique challenges, but those who choose to preorder the game will also have access to a unique biome, Cerulean Vale, set in the remnants of an ancient seabed.

To coincide with the official launch announcement, Mothership Entertainment and publisher Team17 has unveiled a new trailer showing off some of the environments and technologies that players will have to contend with in the title:

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