Ryan Mottola
Ryan's an aspiring narrative developer who aims on writing for AAA titles.

Republique: Remastered Review

[su_highlight background=”#3b88ff” color=”#ffffff”]Platforms:PC, Mac | Developer: Camouflaj | Publisher: Logan | [/su_highlight] What if you could topple regimes and incite anarchy with the swipe ...

Dead Effect Review

Outer space, zombies, and a lone survivor? We’ve been here before… or have we? Dead Effect, developed and produced by Badfly Interactive, is ...

Warhammer Quest Review

If you’ve ever wanted to play Oregon Trail without your entire party dying from dysentery, Warhammer Quest is the game for you. Even ...

Cargo 3 Review

The sci-fi horror genre is a tough racket to break into. Ever since Doom and Half-Life, most gamers have their expectations set unreasonably ...