Attack of the Earthlings

Team Junkfish has peeled back the lid on the opening cinematic for its upcoming turn-based strategy game, Attack of the Earthlings.

The brief video does not offer much to fans looking to learn more about the upcoming game, but it does reveal the premise of a far-flung planet being invaded by a human mining operation. Without words, the cinematic introduces the playable Swarmers (showing off some of their diversity), as well as the humans that will act as the primary enemies within the game.

The video was illustrated by Concept Artist Martin Kirby, with YouTuber Cam Ford handling animation. Meanwhile, the music is composed by Mikolai Stroinski, who also worked on The Witcher 3: ‘Blood and Wine’, and will be producing the game’s full soundtrack.

Attack of the Earthlings tasks players with infesting the Galactoil drill that has landed on Planet X with the intention of draining its resources. By casting players as the aliens, the project inverts the expectations set by XCOM and other turn-based strategy games from the past. Furthermore, despite the grim premise, the developers aim to give the game a strong dose of British humour.

The game is scheduled for release on February 8, 2018.

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Damien Lawardorn
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