Krillbite’s horror title Among The Sleep grabbed attention when it announced that it would feature a toddler as the main character. While the atmospheric horror game is initially targetting PC/Mac/Linux, the developers, in an interview with us, have revealed that they are already in talks with Sony regarding bringing the game to PS4.

Krillbite spokesperson Adrian Tingstad Husby told us that while it is still too early to make any guarantees, they “are in dialogues with Sony about a possible PS4 release.” Husby continued, stating “We do want as many people as possible to be able play the game on their preferred platform, but with our limited resources the consoles might still be a bit inaccessible for us. We’ll see!”

With the demonstrably indie-friendly approach Sony has taken with the PS4, the possibility that the PS4 might see Among The Sleep is quite high – studio resources dependent, of course.

Among The Sleep is currently available for preorder on PC, Mac, and Linux through Krillbite’s website, with a free alpha version available for download. Watch out for our full interview with Krillbite about Among The Sleep sometime this week, depending on how our schedule plays out.

Lachlan Williams
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