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PlatinumGames has revealed that its action RPG Astral Chain originally featured over a dozen Legions, the player’s companions.

Legions act as an extension of the player character that can be utilised independently to pull off some seriously stylish combos. Astral Chain features five Legions: an archer class, a heavy axe wielder, a sword swinger, an “arm” Legion, and a beast-shaped Legion. Marumi Nakajo, an animator at the studio, disclosed some outlandish concept arts for some insane and downright bizarre rejected ideas during a developer blog.

While the idea to have some of the designs feature as Legions was scrapped, some of the assets used to build these creatures were repurposed to create some of the enemies players will get to face in the game.

The team thought that having five extremely polished and presentable Legions was more crucial than dozens of barely utilised ones.

Despite only five of the Legions featured in the game, the combat in Astral Chain already looks to be a complex escapade that can be used as simply or stylishly as the player chooses. PlatinumGames spoke in more detail about the combat at E3 earlier this month. The studio revealed earlier this week that Astral Chain was originally a fantasy game.

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