With the reveal of Assassin’s Creed Unity coming this Holiday 2014, I began to look back on the series as a whole. While I can praise Assassin’s Creed for delivering a unique experience that is akin to a “history simulator” with an engrossing story of a war between Assassins and Templars, I felt incredibly let down by the “modern” aspect of the game. The story of Desmond Miles began as an incredible premise but left many dissatisfied as it went on. What started as a big bang culminated with a quiet whimper. Let’s discuss.


Back in 2007, Assassin’s Creed was released and began its quest to take over the gaming world. With a premise that crossed between history and sci-fi, the game showed us the lives of modern-day bartender Desmond Miles and the proficient yet reckless assassin Altaïr Ibn-La’Ahad. While the former acted more as a framing device for the high-profile assassinations, the initial idea behind it was actually rather interesting, especially from a sci-fi viewpoint. Desmond Miles was a former assassin in training who was kidnapped by the very faction he was trained to fight and is forced into a machine to live out the memories of his assassin ancestors in order to reveal locations of “Pieces Of Eden” – treasures that hold powers to control the thoughts of mankind. Convoluted? Kinda. Interesting? Very much so.

Fast-forward to Assassin’s Creed 2 and Desmond escapes from the Templar’s facility with the help of his assassin allies. The whole set up for 2’s modern day story is that Desmond must train again to learn to fight for the inevitable battle between the Assassins and Templars. Fair enough, I thought to myself. Desmond would have to eventually learn to combat the Templars because the story is going to lead up to a modern day Desmond using his assassin skills to help even the odds, right? I was sort of right. By Brotherhood, Desmond was certainly using his proficient gifts of agility, parkour and combat for the greater good… by turning on the power for the Animus machines to work. Wow.


It was at the point of Brotherhood that the intentions of Desmond’s role were becoming painfully clear. He was to simply act as a tool to move the plot forward instead of being a globe-trotting assassin finding Pieces Of Eden and stopping the Templars like 2 foreshadowed. Nothing more, nothing less. The 50/50 plot of modern setting to historical setting was thrown out the window. No longer was Desmond’s story of any real importance in comparison to the new assassin Ezio and his origin story, but rather an optional adventure to take part in. I could almost hear the developers saying “It’s there if you want to play it, I guess. I dunno. You don’t have to. HOW ABOUT THAT EZIO AUDITORE THOUGH?” Brotherhood had a strong moment at the end where you were let loose with Desmond’s exploration as you traversed the Colosseum ruins. It was actually pretty cool and offered a glimpse of what I imagined the modern day setting of Brotherhood could have been like. I understand that it is up to the developers and not a fan to decide how to story progresses but it really felt like Desmond’s story had taken a back seat. When Ubisoft showcase a new title in the Assassin’s Creed franchise or there is a review of the games, most of the time it is regarded as necessary to mention that the “modern sections” are optional or really brief. Isn’t that odd? What was once a strong focus of the series has been tagged as “optional”. The modern setting was always a “framing device”; a sort of narrative path to allow for the stronger story of Altair and Ezio to be told but by Revelations, was stripped back to a bare-bones minimum.

The modern day portions of Assassin’s Creed has definitely left the fanbase divided. Some loved the idea behind Desmond’s story, others felt it was needless and interrupted the flow of the other story. Whatever your opinion, Desmond’s story was practically all build up. The training, the Eagle Vision, all of it was a preamble to what many imagined would be a modern day setting with Desmond as the main character. Had this happened, this would have left fans in uproar as one of the strongest points of Assassin’s Creed is the journey to the past, to experience a simulation of a culture that has been long forgotten. That’s why I believe the ending of 3 was so abrupt. The story of Desmond just ended poorly. All that build up was for practically nothing, there was no satisfying end. They wanted to do away with the idea that there could be a modern day Assassin’s Creed by doing away with the modern day protagonist and starting fresh for Assassin’s Creed 4. Desmond Miles’ story began with such promise and had such a good build-up before performing a leap of faith, missing the haystack completely and landing flat on its face.

So there you have it. The story of Desmond Miles began as a build-up for a modern Assassin’s Creed but the series’ success was his own downfall. His story suffered to make room for the more interesting characters of Altair, Ezio and Connor. Desmond, for the most part, was not regarded as anything but bookends for the story. While those who hated the modern setting rejoiced at his departure, I lamented at the loss of seeing him go in a less than satisfying exit and also felt saddened at the prospect of seeing a modern day Assassin’s Creed fade away. While many say that Watch_Dogs will satisfy the urge to see a modern day Assassin’s Creed, I can’t help but wonder what could have been. With Assassin’s Creed Unity coming this year as well as another untitled project, it will be interesting to see how the modern day setting will feature. Will it have another faceless and voiceless character like Black Flag? Or will it bring about something more substantial than a simple “framing device”?


Were you a fan of the modern settings in Assassin’s Creed and Desmond Miles’ adventures or were you glad to see him leave? Did you feel dissatisfied with his departure? What do you think Assassin’s Creed Unity will do with its main “modern protagonist”, if there is one? Let us know in the comments below what you think!

Nathan Hughes
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  1. i don’t think anyone thought Connor was interesting…

    1. I did

    2. I loved Connor as a character. He wasnt a happy go lucky assassin like ezio and his personality seemed more true for the assassin mantle.

      1. i get what you mean about ezio’s dubious morality, but at least he was an interesting character. Connor was bland, monotonous, and irritatingly stupid. also (and i know this is down to the design of the game, not the character) he kept fucking up in situations he should have easily manouvered. the chase through the burning ship is a prime example. how the hell did he manage to get stabbed?
        in hindsight, i think it was the bollocks story, and the insistence on dull historical figures as central to the plot that stifled any chance of him becoming interesting.

        1. I complete agree here, Connors blind determination and ‘skill’ does not link to how the series has been made. Ezio was a charming Italian assassin; cultured and raised by the creed, he didn’t just walk up to a wooden door and ask to be trained, he went out and trained himself. Connors lacking expression (especially his voice) made the game a chore, and an undesirable playthroughs for 90% of the game. If it was tied to the ‘Forsaken’ book, playing the game as Haytham would have been so much more desirable. If only 3 wasn’t so lackluster and poorly built (it felt like an Alpha test) then the game may be slightly more enjoyable.

    3. How was playing in the american revolution supposed to be fun?

      1. Tree running?
        Seeing the really historical figures portrayed as living breathing emotion filed men with their flaws and gritty human-ness and not gods who where flawless and perfect in every way
        Oh and the fighting for the rights of the native kanienhake (¿spelling?) Shown another side that was involved and that is usually not thought of,
        So education; because one common factor for creed fans does appear to be the agreement that they. All love learning different aspects or details that are usually forgotten

        So with my, by no means extensive list; I can see how (sarcasm mode enabled) nobody on earth would enjoy playing something that shows the humanity of the american revolution(sarcasm mode disabled) but seriously you can see how it is fun and enjoyeable

        1. Sarcasm mode active – Lol

        2. Na.Living very far away from america, the sotry just didn’t connect for me, gameplay was fun, just not the setting or Connor.. Thanks for your view m8

          1. Yea I completely understand that a lot of people didn’t enjoy it,
            I’m not american, my knowledge of the american revolution before playing ac3 was almost non existent but I found the game as fun as any other ac game,
            And you asked a question of how it was meant to be fun so I listed the things that I found fun
            Oh and animal stalking, that is really fun but I feel it could have been a lot lot better then it was

          2. I was annoyed at how bland and stereotypical Connor was portrayed. I was even more annoyed that he seemed to be the driving force behind the revolution. He should have been a witness in the midst of those events not a presence that ‘delivered victories’ to Washington. I thought the promise was great but the delivery a bit lackluster. The frontier failed to deliver much entertainment beyond being a long foray into the out of the way. The founding fathers were depicted as fairly naive and cumbersome (particularly when it suggests he just wants to raze native villages). And the parkouring was stilted. It wasn’t as smooth as any of the prior games and the storyline just died off. Not to mention, there was absolutely no build of tension between the characters. Connor knows who is father is and his father knows who Connor is and when they get together it’s just blah. I don’t understand how this game was in development for three years and was such a glitchy, stilted, dull mess? Sure it had its moments, the funnest of which were the naval components but it failed to deliver on its objectives which were the resolution of the 2012 storyline in the modern timeline. Everything in 3 existed just so that they could be done with it. And I gotta tell you I am a HUGE AC fan and with the disappointment of ACIII’s conclusion (as well as the conclusion to Mass Effect 3-which was my second favorite series) 2012 was just a let down to me gaming wise. But hey to each their own.

          3. Again I completely understand where you are coming from,
            I feel that video games can teach us a lot about life,
            Playing a video game is option, sinking 500+ GBP(or other currency) into a single game release is also optional, but when I do that. It means no matter what pitfalls the game has, I WILL enjoy the game and get my monies worth and enjoy it even if it means looking at it from umpteen different angles,
            So that’s generally what I do, exevtexactlyly what UBisoft try to suggest, find as many different ways to do some things as possible,

    4. Haha me neither. :P I guess though, this was the only character that I really understood how he developed his skills. :P Ezio’s swordamanship and other skills seemed to have just came to him the moment he donned the assassin’s robes. :P Altaïr, okay understandable he was born into the order.. But Connor’s savage upbringing and other aspects convey how he honed his skills. Especially the tree climbing and all was justified by simply having an upbringing of a tribe like… Thingy. :P

      Other than that, eh. :P not really an interesting character. :P

    5. Lots of people loved Connor
      It’s a single visoeo game with over 1 million users
      Of course their will always be someone who shares your opinion
      But their will always be someone who disagrees with you

    6. Connor suffered from the same stale writing that Desmond suffered from. It was disappointing to say the least.

    7. I actually liked Connor.

    1. Dude that’s cool but I don’t know about you I hope that isn’t true unless somehow you can save Desmond

  2. Desmond was needed and was a good character to build a full game on I was so disappointed with him being home it’s hard for me to play black flag knowing his side kicks are around with no such person leading them as Desmond was looking like he was going to

  3. I loved Desmond and all that cool modern parkour assassins stuff and I was upset when Desmond died I think its dumb and having a faceless and voiceless character it the worst idea they have had I mean if you played it you know he meets Juno and he has a great significance like Desmond and we don’t even know what he looks or sounds like….I can’t believe it I just hope they pick it up with five and maybe somehow bring Desmond back hell I feel they didn’t finish connor but that’s pushing it and this is coming from a fan of series who has bought played all of them and is super disappointed in 4

    1. Honestly man, I wouldn’t be surprised if Ubisoft chose to make him faceless and nameless on purpose. What if it turns out he looks exactly like Desmond and he’s the Assassin’s (or Minerva’s) recurring ancestor ‘tool’ and there’s a final showdown between him and Black Bart’s analog? After all, why were Shaun and Rebecca there?

      To be honest, if they did something like that, that would totally redeem what they did to poor old Desmond (although his dad’s still a total dick)!

      1. So you didn’t get the memo that said that you are now the central character on the ac modern day franchise?
        When I play ac4 I am myself; an Abstergo new recruit
        When you play! You are not me, you are you an Abstergo new recruit
        I’m so sorry to hear that you are a faceless Desmond clone

        1. By the sheer b**** in your tone you seem like the faceless, heartless clone. Most of Assassin’s Creed favors men, Ubisoft, (in my opinion), did a s*** job giving women a fair representation as a Abstergo recruit.

          1. Thanks for what comes across as an insulting reply
            I was trying to have a joke and a laugh, so.etching that is becoming increasingly difficult today
            So I opened with a light hearted comment that is completely acceptable in the real world and then concluded with the fact
            I don’t understand what you mean by UBisoft done a sheep job about giving women fair repreaentation as an Abstergo recruit, when have video games ever given women fair representation?
            And if you didn’t guess by my name or pictures I’m a woman and don’t have a problem with it, its a game,their are more important things in this life for me to worry about then if I am playing a man or woman as I play games for fun and entertainment and not to try and start or fuel some sort of sexism/sexist war,
            And I am obviously faceless, look at my avatar, and I am obviously heartless and a clone,
            Nothing to do with I am an independent reviewer that reviews UBisoft games and reports back to them to give them as unbiased a review as possible
            So yes I obviously have no heart (by heartless I am going to assume you mean no passion as I don’t have a ducking clue how you can assume I don’t love my family or have the ability to love or that I am.dead and some sort of zombie or vampire who doesn’t have a heart, and I have so much compassion for the series more compassion and passion then you would ever understand that I could have)
            I look forward to reading your fiery abusive reply that attempts to insult me
            But also I hope that you have a lovely day and that you enjoy everything you do
            And may happiness greet you in every aspect of your life
            Love you my dear

  4. I think for a modern assassin to work in this game you wouldn’t be able to begin to program all the ways a professional assassin could kill someone simply because the technology is there. Why worry about knifing someone when you can use a cell phone to detonate explosives planted in someone’s apartment or office half a world away? How are you really going to make that exciting? When his assassin buddies liberated him they were obviously an organization that had some resources and such an organization would always have ways to get a hold of explosives and guns. If terrorists can do it in the mountains of Afghanistan certainly a professional assassin with an organization behind him could even if it is a David and Goliath type comparison of Assassins against Templars.

    1. Interesting points
      My understanding (which is obviously completely wrong)
      Is that assassins are meant to be unseen descreet stealth killing machine that hide in plain sight and only draw elattention to them or their assassination if it is the last resort, and guns,explosives and bombs are not typically stealthy ways of killing someone, but poison and knives are
      But as I say,
      I have never played assassins creed and I only play call of duty so what do I know

      1. My only point was to say there is far to many ways to kill someone with modern technology and trying to make an Assassin’s Creed game be Assassin’s Creed would probably not work very well under those conditions. As for what an assassin is they can kill using any method for any reason. They don’t have to be limited by 1 method.

    2. Either that or it would be another hitman absolution.

  5. I was sort of disappointed that Desmond’s story did not build the way it started out in the direction that you were promised. Assassin’s Creed IS ABOUT DESMOND MILES and the lessons he learns from his ancestors. It disgruntled me that Ezio had 3 chapters to his life whereas Altair really only had 1.

    1. There are two other chapters to alteirs story as well though

  6. I loved Desmond and was looking forward to going around places in the modern time, stealth assassinating and stealing intelligence or other stuff like splinter cell blacklist but with more of the assassin touch.. Sad to see they just did away with what could’ve been a very brilliant, amazing idea….

  7. You know that there are proofs that Desmond is still alive, even the developers during the AC 4 development said that there will be more about Desmond but sadly we probably wont play him as a main character anymore…

    1. Sorry but no, in AC4 we see that Desmond is really dead, Abstergo recovered his body and conducted an autopsy.

      1. That body is a duplicate. The gold markings in that video show the person that went in front of the camera may have been Desmond and when the duplicate died a red mark was right near it so Desmond may be alive.

  8. “Desmond Miles’ story began with such promise and had such a good build-up before performing a leap of faith, missing the haystack completely and landing flat on its face.” perfect analogy to his story. I enjoyed Desmond story, what intrigued me most of ac series is not only the fact that you can visit virtually any point in history, but the event unfolding in modern day… In fact I think that’s the most crucial part of the game and all that training from ac1 to ac3 was a fine to waste when they killed him off… RIP Desmond, this ac fan will indeed miss you… PS they need to get rid of the voiceless faceless character

  9. I really enjoyed Desmond’s adventure, really shone a perspective on why you were reliving these memories and investigating these characters lives. For the most part I would look forward to and get excited to knowing the next step for him. In AC3 I enjoyed discovering more about the people before us, the story with Desmond here was more gripping than Connors for me. Really sad if the modern theme slips away into the abyss, was fun whilst it lasted I guess. Haven’t played black flag yet though.

  10. To be honest, I was happy to see him go. However, I would have liked a more rewarding departure. His we ending was so bland and thoughtless that it felt as though all of what I had done was for nothing. How is that raewarding the gamer? After 5 games of leading up to some massive finale, all you get is a theoretical armageddon that no matter what you choose, it doesn’t make a difference? ME3 at least had an ultimate ending dependant on what you chose!

    People need to get over their personal disappointments after the end of that franchise (Mass Effect) and owe up to their own idiotic and personal decisions. At the very least they should have put a little thought into the actual meanings and implications to the original ending and their choices. In ME2, only Shepard and the Illusive Man had a holographic ME communicator, but by ME3, everyone was using one. Hmmmm, with that advancement in ME technology witnessed in less than 10 years, plus the natural historically documented jumps achieved in technology during wartime, not to mention the discoveries achieved by the joint operations of Shepard and the newly appointed Shadow Broker….umm and JAVIK, it could easily be conceived that the human and alien races of ME 3 had created ME energy strong enough to rebuild the mass relays or …oh wait… have ME technology on every freaking ship (ME2 anyone?)! In other words, Bioware should have left it as it was!

    Anyway, I digress. While I was never a fan of Desmond’s story, I did at least appreciate it and would have liked to see my hard work at finding all the modern day secrets worth something! Ubisoft took the easy route and decided to listen to the gamer, rather than reinvent gaming. This is why games still haven’t reached the level of filmmaking or true story telling. Stop listening to the fair weather fans and create something you believe in! Don’t you dare get me started on the downfall of Hollywood and modern day film!

  11. Desmon is not dead. At the end of three when the credits are rolling Desmond’s hand got healed (the one he touched the pedestal with that got burned). In black flag the video they show of Desmond his hand is still burned which makes sense because he probaly used the apple to make double of himself. There was also alot of gold designs floating by the lights which could be a sign of the energy of the apple.

    1. I’m sorry but he’s gone, even though it pisses me off and makes literally no sense for them to have done such a thing. In AC4 you see Abstergo recover his body and conduct an autopsy.

  12. I was really excited at the implications for playing as Desmond sabotaging and assassinating templars in the modern setting, and was kind of let down to see him go

  13. In my opinion Desmond was good for the first 2 games. He bought the contrast the players needed, between playing in historical memories and modern day. He was later used as an object in revelations and 3 where they were slack and inconsistent. Concerning 3’s ending it was a complete long shot which Ubisoft payed the price for, killing off 3 characters which was irrelevant. Daniel cross could have been used as a link to the Russian Brotherhood, and Vidic posed a link to the shadow founders of Abstergo. As for Desmond he was a character who linked each of the assassins to the modern day background and story, which worked very well until he died. Let’s hope Comet and Unity live up to AC brand, and do justice to the pitfalls that have been made in the past.

  14. I loved the modern day storyline. Assassin’s Creed WAS the modern day story told via flashback into the animus. The idea that a larger story was at play and that the only way to truly understand it was to venture deep into the recesses of the animus and unlock its secrets. Our lead character, Desmond, was supposed to become the ultimate assassin because he had a unique avenue to explore: all his ancestors would turn him into a master. But alas Ubisoft couldn’t solve the boondoggle that they gave themselves when they realized they can’t write science fiction. This is why Desmond had to die. Not because he wasn’t a worthy character, but because Ubisoft wasn’t worthy enough to write him. The storyline could have been epic if they’d only managed to write a decent scenario. Unfortunately, they pulled a Bioware and fumbled towards the end. What a pity. I’m holding out hope that Watch Dogs will be that promised story that was never delivered. That we will have that modern day Templar Assassin conflict that only was hinted at in the past. Of course, those pesky gods are a wrinkle in the frame work so who knows what will happen next. Tsk tsk tsk.

  15. i think they should make the new one way back in the like time where rome was taking a lot of land and stuff not another pirate ship one that shit was hard i also think there should be a dlc where its all modern day assassins that would be cool

  16. I felt that AC ended with the sacrifice, anything else forward would be just for money.

  17. I thought this was about Desmond .anyway I was disappointed when I started to notice desmond’s story didn’t mean much after brotherhood I thought he was the one the Ultimate Assassin learning from his ancestors .I have a question do u guys really think he’s dead

    1. to be honest yes and no because if yes it looks that way. if no because I cant let him go!!!!!! “sniffle”

  18. Desmond needs to come back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think the theory that he used the apple to make a clone to trick the gods was true. I still believe he is out there and should be in the new Unity game

  19. i loved the modern day parts:( and desmond was my fav character actually i was super depressed when they killed him off like that

  20. I agree with every word of this article. Ubisoft dropped the ball on Desmond’s story.

  21. Ubisoft have ruined assassins creed… Unity looks much more like a game I’ll like, 3 and 4 had good stories and characters but were just so lacking in my eyes compared with 2. This whole first civilisation thing was a stretch but then to bring in a global apocolapsyse and eventually Juno escaping into the modern world… None of that was necessary, in my opinion AC3 should have been set entirely in the modern day as Desmond with a handful of missions into the animus every now and again to find pieces of Eden. In the modern day Desmond could have gathered several pieces, taken down Templars trying to stop him along the way and then used the pieces to somehow save the world. Then if he died at the end at least there’d be a sense of fulfilment and closure on the Desmond chapter. The whole idea of releasing Juno and what that will bring is just to much, what’s wrong with a simple Assassins vs Templar war? AC2 was near perfect, why go totally of course with the rest? Desmond could have been so much more, and to me the last 2 games are kind of like the toy you give a baby to keep them busy while you think about what to do a little longer. Ubisoft are clueless about where to go with the series and Unity looks like a step in the right direction, going to America just provided a very dull world to play in, France should be much better. Oh and the way the out of animus story was in Black Flag was terrible, waste of time and if Ubisoft do that again instead of putting us back in the hands of a new assassin, I will personally put on a hood and kill me some Templars, there’s obviously some at ubisoft sabotaging this franchise!

  22. Alright now the reason why Desmond turned to crap after brotherhood is bc you couldn’t actually do modern missions. Revelations let you explore his childhood which I didn’t think was that bad but that was it. Ac3 you had a couple missions to find the power cubes and key. That was it. It wouldnt let you do anything else. At least brotherhood gave you suspense about the apple and Minerva. And you could explore the village. Ac2 may not of had a couple of modern day missions but face it the story line of that game was amazing. Altir wasnt that bad. Yes running back and forth sucked but hey you have to start somewhere. Gave a good message to the people that assassin’s creed was going to go far… At least thays what some of us thought. Desmond was a great character. They just screwed him over.

    1. Control your nostalgia mate. desmond has had a role the same size through all the games. Exept for AC 1 where you have 2 tiny rooms to wander around in and for about 5 minuts in the entire game. Yeah AC 2 was great, but you are completely overrating it. Most because of the fact that the sequel had the best part in modern times (the whole Lucy act ). Revelations had Desmonds ENTIRE backstory. What more could you want? And AC 3. AC 3 is better than AC 2, and brotherhood in more ways you could imagine. All are set in an area that isnt to big, though the players already have explored the villa and face it. A first civ science lab is WAAAY cooler than a warehouse. besides that warehouse and Desmonds storyline had nothing to do with the awesomeness of AC 2. That was thanks to Ezio. Besides the missions in AC3 were all good and interesting from start to end. And for comparing AC 1 to the rest of the series… fuck you. that repetetive, storyless poorly animated piece of sh#t has nothing on neither 2, brotherhood, revelations,3 or 4. Old school videogame fanboys are the cancer of the internet.

      1. ACIII better than ACII and Brotherhood!!?!?!? Are you serious!? ACIII has been the worst piece of shit EVER. And to quote your rudeness, FUCK YOUUU.

        1. And we just found a new champion in necroposting

          1. He’s right though; you are an idiot if you think AC3 was better than any other AC game.
            Also; other than the fact you were stuck in 2 rooms, the way they did the Animus-is-your-menu and the actual gameplay in AC1’s Present Timeline made it really cool.

            Sure; they could have had more present-day content, but what they had was intricate (sneaking around; stealing USB sticks, hacking email, harrassing Lucy). Getting the full plot of the present day AC1 was fulfilling.

            AC3’s “First Civ Science Lab” was a parkour training room, uninspired and bland. Hell it looked almost identical to the Parkour training room from AC2.

  23. Theory: Abstergo clones Desmond and implants false memory to make him cooperate, so they can get the memories and artifacts more easy. Once Shaun and Rebecca discover this, they come up with a plan.
    They need to infiltrate Abstergo, destroy the DNA samples and kidnap the cloned Desmond.
    Shaun: “And what if we find him, he won’t recognize us”
    Rebecca: “We’ll see”
    In the Clone Laboratory there will be a Showdown between Shaun, Rebecca and Desmond where Rebecca and Shaun somehow manage knock Desmond out and retrieve Desmond.

    After this Rebecca and Shaun force Desmond into the Animus and create a Sicker Effect Feedback which Synchronizes Desmonds Body with his Memories stored in his DNA. In this process Desmonds mind splinters into fragments.

    After this you have to redo the Key Parts of Desmonds and his Ancestor’s Stories.

    The whole scene ends with Desmond saying “I am Desmond Miles, I am an Assassin”

  24. playing ac series with ancient setting and modern setting is almost like a trademark of ac. It is very sad that focus on modern setting has been shifted by the developers as seen in ac4 black flag . Developers should focus more on modern day setting because this is where ac differs from other games where player gets an opportunity to experience the game in two settings simultaneously . I really hope modern day story is exciting in unity and rogue

  25. Long Live Desmond Miles!!!!! Well In Memory. I Hope They Bring Back The Modern Day Assassin Story. I Didnt Like AC4’s Modern Day Story .

  26. Appearantly u r the new modern day protagonist in assassin’s creed unity

    1. Your yourself in assassins creed black flag too.

  27. Still prefer Desmond to this “YOU are the mondern day protagonist” BS. No I’m not I’m never going to be able to go out on missions. Desmond however could and I’d have much rather have played as him then “Myself”

  28. Welcome to HELIX, the console where we grind Desmond’s soul and use it as battery fuel.

  29. I loved the idea of a modern day assassins creed. So when they came out with Watch Dogs I was happy. Then I was the first in line for the release and I got it. When I went home and popped it in. Pure disappointed. I didnt buy a modern day assassins creed game with advanced counter kills and amazing advanced melee weapon combat, I bought a bs grand theft auto with the worst possible story and very limited hacking and combat abilities. The only thing that makes watch dogs similar to assassins creed, is the stealth aspect of some of the missions. So I’m with you. Make a modern day Assassin’s Creed game based in Pakistan or Vietnam amidst the war or even Japan or China where the templars are mafia or mobsters and you can fight with advanced martial arts and samari swords and of course dont forget the hidden blades. I really like that idea actually, and I just made it up. Just do something that’ll please both fanbases ubisoft, yall get paid enough just fuckin do it..

  30. In black flag if u did all the collecting and snooping outside the animus you’d find records of the evidence taken from desmonds body, including his phone. And in his phone were some voice memos left for his dad. And in one of them he talks about how the first civ had a wide range of variations of Desmonds to choose from like the bartender the one who never left the assassins order in the first place or some shit like that etc etc etc. Well what if Ubisoft did a spin of and played part of that message at the beginning of the game then went back to when Desmond was a teenager and training to be an assassin. Introducing the Desmond that never left the order. Then they could start fresh. Build a whole new story with no animuses or animi and just play out Desmond growing from assassin in training to grand assassin and along the way find clues about his ancestory like learn about the great assassins he has descended from like Altair, Ezio, Conner etc etc and just focus on Desmond day becoming the ULTIMATE ASSASSIN he should have been.there may be some contradictory aspects to this new game but has that stopped any gamemakers in the past? Call it “Assassins Creed: Ultimate Assassin” and have Desmond on the cover. I could always write a whole storyline for them but right now I dont have time, so they just need to earn their paycheck and make this shit happen. Cause I’m in love with this idea I dont even give a fuck about the contradicting aspects that may follow. Desmond is worth it. And I dont mean subject 17 Desmond I mean Desmond Miles, the ultimate assassin. That could also be the name of the game, “Desmond MileS: The Assassin’s CreeD”. Anybody else think this would be cool?

  31. I loved desmond! Ok. He was the one who made the whole story cool! If they where to end him Why couldn’t it have been later? WTF! his death was so abrupt i didnt know what happend till i looked it up. WHAT A F***ING MAJOR TURN OFF UBISOFT!!! seriously what where they thinking. If you gonna let him go do it in style. They better bring him back because if they don’t GRR! i just get flipping angry at the thought of it!

  32. And another thing Just the beginning of desmonds story I liked outside better because it was like inside the animus was what happened. Yet desmond was the glue that linked the animus to the real world. Destroying desmond was the most STUPID-IST idea EVER!!! really. Ok so im ubisoft and im gonna make a book and make the main character awesome and draw peoples attention and when everyone gets really questioning and excited and gonna destroy desmond through his hand and make the book stupid at the end so that every one burns it. then im gonna make another book and your in it and lets try to forget desmond was ever real and just add a little bit of frosting and it sounds awesome. NO!!! I have never been so disapointed in my life. I read some other comments and I liked the one about desmond growing up or a modern day one. The name of the title is assassins creed not go back in time to figure out what im doing wrong so making it the present time wouldnt hurt. What would go too far is if they where to make the future with desmonds dead DNA. … … … sigh I just feel like an hollow empty disgusted shell.

  33. You know what? one day ubisoft will eventually be faced with making a modern day assassin. and i am afraid that by the time it happens people will dislike assassins creed. and if you really think about it. they seriously destroyed the path to the best ending ever! PLEASE UBISOFT HEAR FANS PLEA!!! WE NEED DESMOND!!!

  34. In the “real world” Black Flag, one of the email chains you hack alludes to the fact that there will never be a modern day AC because of all the problems of introducing vehicles to the game. In character, the email refers to it, as “teaching people how to drive.”

  35. I cant quite remember if it was black flag or rogue but one of the files recover from a tablet was about other peices of eden. More specifically the ankh. And the file goes on to say that there is speculation as to whether the ankh has the power to raise from the dead. But it was only speculation and rumour. Just thought I’d throw the idea out there. I doubt ubisoft will follow through with it but its a thought

  36. Ultimately, what could have been a strong, interesting character became a badly written, weak character, and that’s a loss.

  37. I’m a very new fan to the franchise and have been “binge playing” to catch up. I was never a huge fan of the gameplay with Desmond, save for the end of Brotherhood and some parts of AC3, but I did find his character interesting and the ancient aliens stuff intriguing as well. I was always excited to get back to Altair, Ezio and Connor but after finishing Revelations, I was excited to see where Desmond was heading. Again, having joined the series so late I knew from online sources that Desmond didn’t appear post AC3. But I still felt that his journey was building up to something cool: like a modern “Desmond vs. Abstergo.” Then I just finished Assassin’s Creed 3 last night and man, what a lot of build up just let him fade away and then a horrible newscast summing up the aftermath. I think a modern day Assassin’ Creed could have been really cool if they’d have made the Desmond gameplay really interesting. I’m very curious to see where the next five games go without Desmond as a framing device. I’m also excited for the upcoming film as I heard it ties in the games’ canon.

    1. Finally, someone else who actually liked the modern-day stuff!

      Thanks for your comment. I agree, the way they let Desmond die was a major let-down, especially after the epic Abstergo battle to rescue William.

      Looking forward to the movie too, I heard about how long-time fans will be rewarded for watching with things only series fans will understand or catch. Fingers crossed!

  38. desmond was my favourite character in the series, but his storyline was written so badly and it just feels like ubisoft couln’t wait to kill him off. he went from being the main protagonist of the franchise (even though he was still being written off as a side character since the very beginning), to being an easter egg that can be found in databases and hidden files in the games, and a few extra things written about his death on AC Initiates (they did the same thing with connor too). it’s heartbreaking to see such a good character be given such a unorganised and low priority (with it being shelved behind the historical plot) storyline, and i’ll always be bitter about that.

  39. i got a feeling they killed off desmond, so they can tell modern assassin’s story in movies

  40. The first four games were when Assassins Creed was at its best in using the material to tell a flehed out story. Since AC3, however, they’ve been squandering great potential just to pump out merch that they can sell. Notice that, after having burned through many of the great time periods in history, they now have to go back. AC has an upcoming Manga that is starring, guess who, Edward Kenway, a man whose life story we already know and who has already died within the series!

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