Ubisoft, lift the veil today on Assassin’s Creed’: Unity’s season pass, and gave details on what fans can expect. One of the DLC’s will feature a stand-alone game set in China.

The Dead Kings, will take Arno on a journey to Saint Denis, a French city located outside of Paris. Taking place after the main story, and being described as one of the darkest moments in the franchise. An underground labyrinth filled with secrets and crypts, Saint Denis hosts more puzzles, treasure hunts, murders, and weapons such as the Guillotine gun.

The season pass also plans to offer new missions, 30 new weapons, items, and outfits for your assassin to wear. A stand-alone game titled Assassin’s Creed: Chronicles: China, will be a 2.5D platformer that stars female assassin Shao Jun. The story takes place in 16th century China, traveling to locations such as the Great Wall, with a  mix of martial arts added to the combat.

Ubisoft revealed that the season pass will be available in Early 2015, with over eight hours of gameplay. No price has been given, but players who pre-order will save 30% off their purchase. Assassin’s Creed: Unity will release on Xbox One, PS4, and PC on November 11th, 2014.

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  1. DLC used to be a way to extend a games life after the original had been out for a while. Now they are detailing DLC before a game has been released. Basically your £60 game actually costs you £100 and that is planned in before its even released.

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