Ubisoft have released a new patch for the beleaguered Assassin’s Creed Unity, fixing a number of issues with both the PlayStation 4 and PC versions of the game.

However, this patch will not fix the framerate and performance issues that have beset the title since its launch on November 11th.

In a statement released via the Ubisoft forums, community manager UbiJohnkr said:

Our team is furiously working to resolve bugs and performance issues for Assassin’s Creed Unity on all platforms. On PC, some media outlets have misinterpreted a forum post indicating that we were working on resolving issues that were AMD-specific. We apologize for any confusion and want to be clear that we are working with all of our hardware partners to address known issues that exist across various PC configurations.

What the patch did fix is as follows:

PS4 –

  • Fixed a bug where Arno would sometimes fall through the floor when using parkour or dropping onto an NPC.
  • Fixed a bug where the game would crash when joining a coop session with another player.

PC –

  • Fixed the same bugs affecting the PS4 version.
  • Fixed graphical problems, such as flickering. This issue affected users using both Nvidia and AMD products.
  • Fixed various keyboard and mouse input errors.
  • Improved performance in cutscenes.
  • Fixed refresh rate problems.
  • Fixed a bug where “invite to game” would stop working after a host migration.

Ubisoft have promised live updates while they try to get to the latest installment in their blockbuster franchise up and running as intended. You can follow the “Live Updates Team” at the source link below.


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