Ubisoft’s blockbuster Assassin’s Creed franchise might be heading to Japan sooner than you think.

Uncovered by Ubisoft forum member Cornik22, an image used multiple times in official game guides shows an Abstergo Entertainment building with various historical landmarks adorning the ceiling. What’s interesting about this? That these locations match up with ones used in Creed games announced years after the image was released.

Drawn by artist Martin Deschambault, the picture appears as a full page spread in The Art of Assassin’s Creed IV, as well as the Official Guides for both Black Flag and Unity, and the Abstergo Entertainment: Employee Handbook.

Of the six locations featured, five have been validated, with tropical vistas referencing Black Flag, Florentine architecture harking back to AC II and Notre Dame cathedral and the Houses of Parliament alluding to the subsequently announced AC: Unity and AC: Victory respectively.

The only location yet to be used however, seems to be a Japanese temple complete with characteristic tiered roofing.

Draw your own conclusions from the full image below.

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