The Assassin’s Creed official Twitter account is currently doing a live Q&A and we got a chance to ask a few questions about the game, and also peeked in on a few other questions asked by community members.

The first question we asked about the was about the modern side of things. Assassin’s Creed 3 featured a few mandatory modern missions that could not be skipped. While some people enjoy these missions, quite a few would rather not be having to switch from time period to time period. Thankfully, according to the Lead Writer of Black Flag, Darby McDevitt, the game will only feature a “handful” of modern missions.

Another user asked about how much of the game would take place on land vs sea settings. McDevitt says that about 60% of the game will take place on land, featuring all kinds of different locations like cities, jungles, plantations and of course, as we’ve seen from the trailers released, different types of Mayan ruins and so on.

A new detail learned about Edward is that he’s a married man, but “separated” from his wife. McDevitt doesn’t say whether or not Edward is divorced from his wife or just distant, hopefully the game delves more into his personal life than the short introduction of Connor and his family. McDevitt does state that Edward is more like Ezio in character, but not as flirtatious as he is a married man.

Other questions were asked about the game, but more or less details that we’ve already learned or heard about. One final question that may peak your interest is that the developers have included sniper enemies in the game and were added in to promote more forms of stealth.

Stay tuned to OnlySP for more details on Black Flag as they come in.


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  1. the snipers seem like an almost cheap way to “promote” stealth approaches. If they’re going to force it on us, I hope they at least improve on the stealth mechanics. Those didn’t work too well in previous games in my opinion.

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