Ashes of Oahu gameplay screenshot

The upcoming Hawaii-inspired RPG Ashes of Oahu will charge players with making tough decisions, and the path to fulfilling them will not always be clear.

Speaking exclusively to OnlySP, Scott Brown, president of developer Wyrmbyte, talked about how the choices players make will influence the world around them and how that pertains to the “over 100 different endings” promised. 

“Whenever you are making a decision that will impact faction rating or pono [a kind of karma system] you are alerted to the impact before you make the decision. However, all possible decisions are not always spelled out for you.”

This approach ensures that players usually have various options for how to complete a quest, with different paths affecting the protagonist’s relationship with the island’s factions in different ways. 

Brown refers to a mission where the player might be tasked with stealing an item from an opposing faction and, while that may be a viable option, he mentions that diplomacy could offer alternative outcomes: “there may be other ways to get the item or even convince them they don’t need the item they want you to steal.”

“The endings,” he says, “all come down to the combination of how you worked with each faction as well as some significant side stories you may or may not have completed.”

Ashes of Oahu re-emerged a few months ago as a rebranded Nightmarchers after roughly a year of silence from the developer. More details about what the team has been working on in that time, as well as other information about the upcoming game will be available in our full interview tomorrow. 

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  1. From the trailer it seems kind of like a Fallout game set in Hawaii, with the bonus that you can turn into a bird or a shark. Definitely has potential!

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