The Game Awards

The 2019 Game Awards will showcase a plethora of announcements for new games.

According to a Reddit AMA, the host and creator of the show, Geoff Keighley, says that around ten new games are being revealed at this year’s The Game Awards.

Keighley noted that Resident Evil 3 Remake will not be one of the announcements, after the game’s cover reportedly leaked online a few days ago: “There are no plans (never were) to do anything with Resident Evil 3 at the show.”

Regarding any leaks, Keighley explained “As always the Internet has a lot of really bad information out there about what you think is at the show…but it sure is fun to read :)” and “A lot of these ‘leaks’ are completely wrong. Nothing about our show has leaked as of this writing.”

One of the announcements will be WolfEye Studios’s new game, which is led by ex-Arkane executives. The Game Awards 2019 will take place on December 12. Another will be the first game from RiotForge, a new Riot Games initiative that teams with external developers to create single-player projects set within the League of Legends universe.

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