Armello will soon be receiving its biggest update yet, fixing a lot of quality of life issues.

League of Geeks revealed the update on Twitter today, letting fans know that it will hit Steam on February 26.

The full patch notes can be found at the game’s site.

Some of the updates are to help with the life of the online scene. Cards in the game have been upgraded, rendering in complete 3D, as well as a multitude of user interface changes.

A new hero mastery system is being introduced allowing players to level up characters to obtain new items such as hero badges and an addition dice slot.

One new major feature is that fans will be directly helping with localizing the game by making edits and suggestions, helping to get the game to more people.

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Chris Hepburn
Chris is a born and raised Canadian, Eh. He has a passion for game design and the community behind games, what they can teach and the subtle points games can make. He is a college graduate of Game Development with a specialization in Animation. Always looking to learn something new with passions in all things nerdy and human nature.

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