Bad news for the two Bohemia Interactive employees imprisoned in Greece. According to a report by Rozhlas, translated by Eurogamer, Ivan Buchta and Martin Pezlar have now been denied appeal, after being detained for over 70 days in Greece over spying allegations.

The two developers, who Bohemia Interactive say were holidaying on the island of Lemnos at the time, have had to wait two weeks longer than usual to hear the negative verdict of their appeal due to worker strikes affecting the Greek legal system. The two are now awaiting trial, and face up to 20 years in jail if found guilty of espionage.

According to Ivan Buchta’s father Miloslav, the conditions in the prison are unpleasant: “They’re in a cell with over 25 people, they sleep on the ground,” Miloslav said, “They have food twice a day.”

A mother of one of the pair has revealed that their morale has slipped: “Our boys no longer tell us on the phone that it’s alright, that they’re handling it. After the court’s decision we only hear from them something that no parent ever wants to hear: Mom, dad, please save us.”

Support for the pair continues to flow from the ArmA and Operation Flash Point community through the website, which has a list of steps to take to show support for the two developers.

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