Courtesy of the folks at Shack Tactical, we have a handy little community video giving an overview of the past alpha version, public beta, and the full release of ARMA 3.

I highly suggest giving this video a watch if you’ve played any ARMA game, interested in military shooters, or a PC gamer. Everything that has been added, fixed, or is coming soon to the game is in this video. Enjoy!

ARMA 3 is due out later this year, head over to the official website for information regarding  the beta and other updates. Also keep an eye on OnlySP for future ARMA 3 news!

Matt Pettit
I love video games. Writing, talking, and playing them to be specific. I love the industry and could talk your ear off about some video games. Try me if you don't believe me, just bring some snacks.

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