The Pathless

Giant Squid has provided details about how archery works in its upcoming adventure game The Pathless.

The game’s creative director, Matt Nava, outlined rather than having archery revolve around aim like most games, The Pathless is taking a different route, instead implementing a timing mechanic. This decision allows the game to be accessible for gamers of different skill level without detracting from the  experience.

“Archery in The Pathless bases accuracy on timing, which makes aiming very accessible without over-simplifying it. It makes it possible to shoot even while moving very quickly and performing acrobatic maneuvers,” wrote Nava. “The timing mechanic gives shooting a unique, satisfying rhythm-game like feel and makes it simple for players to become the skilled Hunter.”

How long the player holds down the shoot button will determine the accuracy of the arrow. If the player holds the button down long enough to completely charge the arrow, it will be 100% accurate. Letting it go earlier will decrease the accuracy proportionally. Nava states that how close the player is to the target will also increase the accuracy of partially charged arrows.

The Pathless is still in development and the archery may be changed and tweaked frown now until its release in 2019.

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