Blending together aesthetic inspirations from French artist Moebius and Subnautica, Moebial Studio’s Aquamarine has made quite the splash on Kickstarter.

For those itching for a new roguelike, Aquamarine may be the perfect indie answer. Players assume the role of a space traveler marooned on an aquatic planet. Selling itself as a “story-driven exploration game,” Aquamarine looks to draw inspiration from several genres, including action-adventures, RPG titles, and modern rougelikes.

As players explore Aquamarine‘s hand-drawn world, they will encounter all sorts of marine flora and fauna, ranging from the cutesy to the downright terrifying. The major appeal here has to be the art style and animation which are drenched in 70’s panache.

The project features a full day and night cycle, with its exploration sections impacted by player choice and interactions. The exploration sections will be a strictly point-and-click affair, with combat being a turn-based, defensively-minded challenge.

Aquamarine also features some degree of resource management, with players tasked with maintaining the ship, as well as ensuring it is adequately upgraded. As seen by the title’s mishmash of systematic borrowings, its inspirations are numerous. The Kickstarter page nods to recent games such as Hollow Knight and Hyper Light Drifter as major inspirations, with the soundtrack looking at legendary electronic musician Jean-Michel Jarre as a reference.

The immediate appeal is the game’s visuals, which are entirely animation and drawn by hand. From its trailer, the project really looks like a French comic book, complete with some gorgeously contrasting pastel colours.

The game has a fully-playable demo over at, with the Kickstarter currently sitting at roughly 25% funding. The funding campaign ends in 15 days, so be sure to support the game before then. Aquamarine is expected to launch on PC and Mac sometime in 2019. For more, check out a trailer embedded below, and follow OnlySP on FacebookTwitter, and Youtube for the best in single-player gaming.

Ben Newman

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