Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR) is one of the most popular Star Wars games to date, and some diehard fans have gotten together to update its graphics.

Various forums have been created with fans pleading with Bioware (original developer of KOTOR) to make a remastered version of KOTOR using next gen graphics. While Bioware has been largely unresponsive to these pleas, a group of dedicated fans have been working hard to make this dream a reality. Titled Apeiron, the fan made KOTOR remake has been picking up steam since its early days as a one-man project. For more information on the project and what it entails, visit the official Apeiron website. To see live feeds and screenshot updates, follow the project on Twitter.

Some red flags do exist, however. Disney, the current owners of all things Star Wars, has not approved of the project. Indeed, they have not made a statement about it at all. This makes one wonder whether or not the project is legal. Given the long history of fan made content (films, cosplay, etc.), Apeiron’s project lead, Taylor Trotter, believes the project is legal, especially since it will be free to all those who wish to play it, provided they have an original copy of KOTOR.

Another red flag is that anyone working on the project is unpaid. The project being completely voluntary, anyone contributing must have a certain amount of dedication, and still must treat it like a job. Passion is the driving force behind Apeiron. Despite this, the project is trudging ahead, and still has a number of contributors who are working hard to bring one of gamers’ many dreams to life.

While the possibility of a KOTOR remake is exciting, it could still be a long way away, if it happens at all. Even if this fan made project is successful, the amount of time and effort the contributors have to put into it is astronomical, and that by itself may delay the project for the foreseeable future. Either way, the dream remains little more than a dream.

OnlySP will be on the lookout for any updates on Apeiron and other news regarding potential KOTOR remakes, official or otherwise. To stay in the loop, follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

Dylan Warman

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