Antigraviator, the love letter to velocity-defining racing games such as Wipeout, has a new trailer revealing the project’s June 6 release.

The teaser itself is entrenched in the claustrophobic combination of neon lights, zero-gravity race courses, and futuristic racing vehicles players have come to expect from driving games of this ilk. Since F-Zero, projects similar to Antigraviator have been attempted time and time again to recapture the game’s slick play with mixed results. Antigraviator, however, appears to have perfected the volatile mix of speed and precision.

The publisher, Iceberg Interactive, boasts that the title’s vehicles have no speed limit, allowing the project to have a combination of chaotic gameplay and a high skill ceiling.

Antigraviator will also feature fully-customisable ships, four sci-fi worlds that each contain three race courses, and a cocktail of power-ups, boosters, shortcuts, and weapons. New unlockables and customisable parts for the ship are unlocked during the single-player campaign, with split screen co-operative and online modes included.

Antigraviator is launching on Steam and Humble Store, with the developer, Cybernetic Walrus, working on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One ports. The trailer is embedded below, but before checking it out, be sure to follow OnlySP on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

Ben Newman

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