I like to stretch myself pretty thin, don’t I? Well, I always have ideas running around my head, and I usually do my best to make use of them. Therefore, following the recent announcement of the PS4, I’d like to introduce my latest site: PS4 Nexus.

I had been planning to make a new site for quite a while now. I don’t exactly know why, and the task of managing two sites at once certainly seems daunting. Regardless, I bought a domain name, grabbed a theme and said “here goes nothing!” For those of you who continually follow OnlySP, I sincerely hope you take the time to check out my latest site at

As the name suggests, PS4 Nexus will cover everything and anything related to the PS4 during the months leading up to its release. That said, we’ll be sure to infuse it with our own style so it’s not just a news-filtering site. The ‘nexus’ will provide insight into the gaming industry just as OnlySP does, but will also provide coverage of the more technical aspects of the console, reports on the latest rumors, and will otherwise serve as the home to any content and info surrounding the PS4.

You can learn more about what the site will have to offer by visiting it here. Feel free to also leave suggestions, ideas and feedback in the comments sections on the site, or in this post. Thank you for your continued support and interest, and I hope you find PS4 Nexus both entertaining and informative.


Nick Calandra
OnlySP founder and former site owner.

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  1. so this was the announcement….

    1. Disappointed? haha

      1. not really no bookmarked

        1. Good stuff!

  2. is xbox 720 nexus coming anytime soon?

    1. Maaaybe, if I can find someone to run it haha. Two sites is my maximum for now :)

  3. Neat. Site looks great, I will be sure to keep an eye on it =)

    Also, what’s 350 x 250? The resolution of the ad / announcement that’s gonna go there? =p

    1. Ad size placer, just using it to help with coordinating placement of things on the site.

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