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Over the seven years since the site was founded, OnlySP has watched the industry evolve. With the advent of more widespread internet connections, multiplayer gaming has evolved. Once a small niche—an additional gameplay mode accompanying an already-complete game—multiplayer is now a staple of the industry. Games such as Fortnite, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Apex Legends are some of the most popular at the moment, and several developers are correctly following the trend to multiplayer, such as Bethesda with Fallout 76 and Treyarch with Call of Duty.

As such, Only Single Player is due for a rebranding. From today, we will be known as OnlyMP Only MultiPlayer.

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We will now be shifting our focus to multiplayer titles, which you will begin to see today. We have some important content regarding FortniteDestiny 2, and Overwatch coming up, as well some fun lists and editorials to help demonstrate our more casual attitude going forward—we are gamers, after all!

We hope that you join us on this journey, and look forward to the content that we have in store.

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(Psst. April Fool’s.)

OnlySP Staff
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  1. This had better be an April Fools’ Joke!!! 🙃

    1. Of course! I don’t think we fooled many people though… 😓

      1. Every year, although I’m aware it’s the first of April (after all, I did flip the calendar over to the new month!), I forget about April Fools’ Day. And every year, somebody (whether online or on the radio) gets me good. This year, it was you guys!!! (Heck, you even went the extra mile & had your YouTube page as “Only MP” as well!!) 🤪

  2. Plz be the April fool jokes, because the Destiny article just says otherwhise. It feels like you’re trying to emulate gamespot

    1. Once we decided on it, we had to commit. But don’t worry, we won’t be doing that again. :P

  3. I get it, April Fools—sadly this latest crap reflects recent poor quality of the writing—the site has really gone downhill, I’ve had you bookmarked several years, and I’m done with you guys..
    Hasta La Vista, deleting the site…

    1. I totally understand arriving at a breaking point, so I won’t try to convince you to stay if you’ve arrived at that decision.
      However, before you do ratify the divorce, I want to ask you a couple of questions, for us, so that we can do better in the future.

      When you talk about the quality of the writing, do you mean the words themselves or the ideas that are being discussed?
      If the latter, the problem is that we can only guide our content by our engagement metrics, and what AN audience likes doesn’t necessarily reflect what OUR audience likes. The Discord server is one way that we’re trying to rectify that—to understand what you want from us.

      The other question: what, to you, is good content and what is bad content? If we want to do better, we need to know where we’re already succeeding and failing.

      I know that asking is probably an exercise in futility, but the truth is that we do care about what you and the rest of our readers think. We WANT to be the best possible resource for you, but we can’t do that effectively without knowing HOW to do so.

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