Earlier this month an announcement trailer was released for Dear Charlotte, an episodic survival horror title.

Dear Charlotte is a survival horror made by Indian developers, Method to Madness. Trapped within the ruins of the Quantic Medical Research Facility you must find a way out. Fortunately, a research scientist called Dr Kremlin offers aid of how to escape. Unfortunately, it seems he is the cause of the outbreak that has rendered the facility abandoned and in ruins. Is this a person who you can trust? Especially as he keeps claiming to have created you? Maybe you’ll instead be lulled to safety by the voice whispering inside your mind? Perhaps the combination of the two spells your doom instead?

Although caution will need to be made, as stumbling around the maze of destruction are foul abominations of science as well as perhaps something more. An in-game screenshot of the creature is below this story. As of yet, it is unknown if Dear Charlotte will purely be stealth or will contain some combat to fight the nightmarish monstrosities off with.

Currently information is light on things such as the release date, how many episodes there will be or what gameplay elements there will be (besides a first-person perspective). Although in terms of the last part, according to narrative designer Joel Zachariach the development team is inspired by Frictional Games’s library which may offer hints of what to expect. He also made clear that, despite the development team’s nationality, there will be no references to Indian lore in the horror game.

The current platform of release for Dear Charlotte Episode One is PC, with an unknown price.

Dear Charlotte Monster

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