Anno 1602

In celebration of twenty years of the Anno franchise, Ubisoft is offering PC gamers with an active Uplay account the opportunity to download a copy of Anno 1602 for the grand price of nothing. From now until December 22, 2018, players can add the game to their accounts, which is then theirs to keep forever.

Released back in 1998, Anno 1602 is the first instalment of the very successful Anno series of real-time strategy city builders. Set during the early-modern period, Anno 1602 starts players aboard a ship headed to a new world where they must build a settlement and then defend it. Featuring resource management, exploration, diplomacy, and trading, players must grow their colony and manage their relationships with native peoples. Innovative at the time it launched, Anno 1602 also features a ‘progressive’ AI, in which the pace of the game varies depending on the actions taken by the player.

Not content at simply giving stuff away for free, Ubisoft is also allowing gamers to sign up to take part in the upcoming closed BETA for Anno 1800, which runs from January 31 to February 4.

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