Games publisher 1C Company announced it will bring a Chilean developer’s 3D spaceship odyssey shooter, Omnibion War, to life on PC.

In development by Crazy Bullet Studio, Omnibion War places players in control of a space jet-mech hybrid. Highly reminiscent of and directly inspired by anime involving mech battles such as Gundam, the game is centered around stepping into the shoes of respected pilot, Jaeden. Forced back into service by the aggression of the Hellhounds, a one-time ally during the five-years-removed intergalactic war between the Coalition of United Colonies and the Omnigans, Jaeden must again strap into the mighty space jet, the Automatic Artillery of Variable Geometry (A.A.V.G.), which capable of transforming forms on the fly between gunship and mech to best suit the circumstances. Jaeden’s true goal is to prevent the Hellhounds from obtaining an archaic Omnigan superweapon called the Omnibion.

Omnibion War will involve many mission objectives scattered across the universe, ranging from planets and their molten, parched, or even waterlogged surfaces while taking out hordes of Hellhound forces in interstellar dogfights. Objectives will range from providing protection to destroying with extreme prejudice, as well as rescuing a target/VIP, with more yet to be revealed.

Experience points accrued throughout the game will be used to upgrade and further outfit the abilities, gear, and weapons of the A.A.V.G..

Further highlighted in Omnibion War’s announcement teaser trailer, which is available below, is the retro shoot-’em-up soul of the game, which even includes a visible targeting reticle to make targets clear. The trailer also prominently features Omnibion War‘s hit detection flashing indicator directly on enemy targets to telegraph that player attacks are, in fact, hitting and causing damage. More subtly shown is the rail shooter and free-flight game modes available.

Omnibion War is coming to PC via Steam soon, though have no specific date has been announced as of yet.

What do you think of Omnibion War‘s art style and gameplay in the teaser? Let us know in the comments below!

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Cedric Lansangan

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