Spirittea developer Cheesemaster Games has released an update sharing some developments to the game.

Lead designer Dan Beckerton said in the game’s Kickstarter update that he is determined to succeed with the full development of Spirittea, which has over 220 backers. He announced that he would host Twitch streams and a Painting Event as well as additional content and modifications with the accompanying video.

The video showcases a renovation to the bathhouse, more segregated room designs, living spaces, colourful gate designs, a bathhouse map displaying upgrades, and completed tasks, as well as some “pretty sweet doors.”

Beckerton also announced the addition of a fish pond and garden for growing vegetables to feed spirits to increase their happiness. Most considerately, players have the ability to pray at shrines such as the ‘Shine of Winter/Spring/Fall’ to boost spirituality.

Spirittea is a relaxing and casual life-simulation exploration game that derives inspiration from games such as Harvest Moon, Animal Crossing, and Stardew Valley, and films such as Studio Ghibli’s Spirited Away. Beckerton was also vastly inspired by his time spent living in Asia, and he added that “a few other inspirations are anime titles such as Natsume’s Book of Friends and Barakamon.”

Players are bestowed a heroic adventure on a town cursed by spirits where hostile spirits demand and reward respect most of all.

The protagonist is a writer, created by the player, who moves to a quaint small and scenic town, seeking inspiration to finish a book. However, the town has been havocked by natural disasters, strange accidents, and mysterious occurrences. The player drinks a strange cup of tea from a special ancient pot, enabling them to gain the ability to temporarily see into the spirit world and become the manager of a spirit bathhouse.

The game has a relaxing nature in the backdrop of a calm and tranquil countryside where players will likely enjoy making friends with other townsfolk and providing hot baths for the other locals: the hostile spirits.

The spirits that plague the town have a grievance and are most displeased that locals no longer pray and bow down to them like how they prioritised and worshipped in the past. The player must please them—luckily for the player, the spirits like a nice hot bath to soak the stress away.

The bathhouse is the featured venue for pleasing the spirits and as the player fulfils their requests and care for them, they will be rewarded. For example, letting the spirits sit next to those who make them happiest will please them. Players can explore to find new spirits whilst becoming acquainted with the local townspeople; however, each spirit, each with different affiliations and desires, will keep players on their toes whilst managing the growing complexities of the bathhouse.

Spirittea is currently in development and will only be funded if it reaches its goal of CA $18,000 by 31 January 2020 on Kickstarter. If the game receives funding then the aim is to enter Early Access on Steam in 2022. The game is planned to be released first on PC and Mac, with later plans for Android, Gamejolt, iPhone, and itch.io, as well as Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4 “if finances allow.”

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