Ancient Cities

Ancient Cities, the upcoming prehistoric city-building and management simulator, has successfully passed its crowdfunding goal of €100,000.

The success comes with little more than one day remaining of the campaign, which had a relatively short funding period of 14 days, as opposed to the more typical month. Passing the initial goal means that the developers at Uncasual Games will include the originally planned Neolithic Period, as well as an ‘Ice Age’ expansion that promises to change up the gameplay by removing the city-building aspects and keeping the player’s civilisation as a nomadic tribe battling against the elements and hunting mammoths.

On reaching €125,000, the developers will release DRM-free versions of the game on and, while reaching €150,000 will see the game expanded with a Middle East setting for the Neolithic period.

When OnlySP first reported on the crowdfunding campaign a week ago, the game seemed unlikely to reach its goal, with only one-third of the total funding received, but the game has received a massive influx of attention over the past few days, with the campaign now seeming likely to achieve at least the first stretch goal before the end of crowdfunding tomorrow.

Ancient Cities is a massively ambitious game that promises to shake up the well-established city management genre by adding survival elements, annual seasons, independent NPCs, dynamic weather, and a host of other novel ideas.

The game is currently targeting a release in December 2018 for PC. More details on Ancient Cities is available in OnlySP’s previous coverage of the title.

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