Ancestors Legacy

The first details regarding Destructive Creations’s free campaign expansions for the historical RTS Ancestors Legacy have been revealed.

In a recent livestream, the studio’s producer Tomasz Gop revealed the team’s roadmap of post-release support for the title. The first handful of major updates—dedicated servers, rankings, and tournaments—will be multiplayer-focused, but Gop confirmed that the two additional campaigns promised are in active development, as well as providing some basic details of their narrative arcs.

Of the two pieces of free DLC, the Slav campaign will arrive first. The story will follow Bolesław I the Brave, the first king of Poland. While Gop did not provide specific events for the campaign to cover, he did mention that Bolesław “to get [the] crown, he fought most of his life […] and the tragic part of it is, once he got that, he actually lived a couple of months,” with the suggestion that the campaign will focus on his struggles.

A little later in the stream, Gop also announced that the second German story, set to follow the aforementioned missions, will follow knights from the Teutonic Order. Between these two campaigns, the development team intends to implement Steam Workshop support, allowing players to mod the title.

As a final note, Ancestors Legacy will also receive a much larger paid expansion at some point after the free content is available, featuring an entirely new nation for multiplayer and new single-player stories. However, Gop beyond vague mentions of a month or two for the initial multiplayer add-ons, Gop was not able to provide a timeframe for the new content or the Xbox One version of the game.

Ancestors Legacy initially launched late last month to widespread critical acclaim. OnlySP’s Jennifer Anderson reviewed the title, scoring it as a Distinction and finding it to be “a brutal, barbarous, good time.”

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