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Destructive Creations has revealed the first gameplay footage of its upcoming RTS title Ancestors with a brand new trailer.

The new trailer shows a series of skirmishes between different armies. As forces clash on the battlefield, the footage switches from the traditional top-down strategic view common to RTS titles to a special action camera which zooms in to offer players a cinematic, close-up look at the heart of the conflict. A chaotic cacophony of battle cries rings through the air as swords clash and men bleed, raising battered shields to fend off their opponents.

Some of Ancestor’s six hundred plus motion-captured combat animations are showcased in the trailer, alongside a look at the game’s historically-accurate armaments, revealing a real-time strategy with the same atmosphere as an epic sword-and-sandal film. With attention paid to the most minute details down to individual links in chainmail armor, Ancestor‘s trailer is a testament to the dedication and effort the developers have put in to creating a quality game. Check out the trailer below to see what Ancestors has in store:

Ancestors is a real-time strategy game set in the Middle Ages, influenced by real-world historic events. As either the Vikings, Anglo-Saxons, Germans, or Slavs, players must send their armies to raid, pillage, and conquer while also managing resources, troops, and bases.

Developed by Destructive Creations and published by Moscow-based 1C Company, Ancestors was first announced in May 2017, and is slated for release sometime in 2018 for the PC and Xbox One platforms.

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