Months of speculation are coming to a head as it is becoming ever more likely that EA is gearing up to reveal Dead Space 3 at E3 next week. The real flood began at the beginning of this month when the publisher outed at least one new entry in the series at an investor relations call, which was followed soon after by a massive unofficial leak detailing a new environment, co-op character, enemies and game mechanics. Last week, word got out that the unveiling at E3 will “blow your mind” and EA capped it all off with the release of a graphic novel short about John Carver, the supposed aforementioned co-op character. All the evidence is pointing in one direction and now, it appears as though the logo of the game has been released, alongside the very first screenshot.

The logo first. The most immediately obvious thing is that the font is exactly the same as that of the logo of the previous game. Outside of this, it does away with the electric blue colouring and blood patches for a starker white appearance that mimics the mottled look of ice. The designer has also gotten rid of the blood spatter effect from the Dead Space 2 logo, and replaced it with what appears to be symbolic of heaped snow, particularly on the ‘P’ and ‘E’ of the second word. It fits the profile, not only of the previous design, but also of the rumoured, arguably now expected, changes to the title. I’d be very surprised if this doesn’t end up being the real deal.

The screenshot appears to have been taken from the website of the game, and it could be what is intended to go up as soon as the announcement is live. As for the shot itself, it features a character garbed in what appears very like the RIG from earlier iterations floating far above the thick clouds of a planet below. This lends further credence to the idea of an ice-covered planet being the new location of the game. Above this, you can see what could be an asteroid belt, or the destroyed remnants of some space-faring craft. While the character floats far beyond the reach of it in this shot, it could make for quite the hectic sequence to have to run around on the ground trying to dodge the falling debris.

He (we’ll use the hypothesis that this is either Isaac Clarke or John Carver, and not Ellie or some other female character) is using boosters, indicating the return of the free three dimensional movement of the second game rather than the more restricted point-to-point jumping of the original. A close look reveals an obscured piece of the HUD floating over his right shoulder, likely to be related to the areas devoid of oxygen from the first game, which were removed from the latter. It is difficult to get a good look at the gun being held in his right hand, but it appears, to me, to be closer to the design of the Pulse Rifle than the Plasma Cutter; the angle and distance of the shot make it very difficult to tell.

I think, above all else, the most telling aspect of this screenshot is the sheer scale. While the earlier games were no strangers to big vistas and bigger enemies, never were you really free to fly about unbounded, and never was there anything quite as grand as the vision of this image as the games were far more contained and corridor driven. I’m really finding it more difficult to wait for the first official details to leak out, even if we can already guess them all. Surely we’re able to count the time in days by now.

Source – [VG24/7]

Damien Lawardorn
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  1. after the EXTREMELY effortless and boring dead space 2 (i thought dead space 1 was brilliant) who in the world would want to pay a third time for the exact same gaming experience? it is completely beyond me how marketing affects the judgement of human beings. "what? my favourite logo is in the game – i am so buying it" .. i guess gamers get what they deserve. a gaming community that just wants to play the same game over and over again – will get the same game over and over again. me, i am having the impression i joined the wrong movie as a longtime-gamer. *allthumbsdowntotheindustry*

    1.  What exactly didn't you like about Dead Space 2? The developers got rid of a lot of the problems the first game had, not to say it had a lot, the first game still scares me every-time I play it, but they got rid of the backtracking, made the combat more fluent etc. Even made Issac a really interesting character.

      1. Well for one, DS2 was aimed to the Gears of War crowd and not to the survival horror fans. Enemies spawning if front of you, very linear design with no real exploration, game throwing at you so many enemies that stops being scary and ends up being tedious instead, a very forgiving checkpoint system to name a few of its problems.
        Since I'm not a GoW fan, I found DS2 boring and repetitive.

        1. You know, it you tried hardcore mode, you would have changed your mind. 

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