After months of silence, an update for Tangiers has been posted on its Kickstarter page. Detailing development troubles, game creator Alex Harvey has stated that the game is still on its way and should release by the end of the summer.

The update begins with an explanation for why the promised update in November never came. According to Harvey, the plans that were in place stopped being viable. The update explains the projects funding woes and how much of the team has had to take temporary side jobs to support themselves.

Harvey describes personal difficulties during the game’s long development and apologizes for the lack of communications.

“It’s been a challenge to keep myself together over the past few months, and while this isn’t an acceptable excuse by any means it’s the best I can tangibly offer.”

According to Harvey, the game is nearly finished and most of the work left to do is on the backend. With the vast majority of features and architecture being ready for release; most of the work lays in polishing, debugging, and the completion of other smaller features. Harvey has also provided an itinerary of backend progress which shows the completion percentage of all the game’s content.

Harvey says that some funding and publishing opportunities are being arranged, and they are being heavily pursued over the next couple weeks.

“If our work pays off, then these will give us the means to go back into full production and quickly begin to deliver concrete results,” says Harvey.

The game’s development isn’t out of the water yet though and could rely on how the next few weeks go and whether or not additional funding comes in.

“I’ve no intention of pulling the plug on things,” says Harvey, “I’m committed to seeing things through and delivering to our backers.”

The current plan is to get enough money to get the game to Steam’s Early Access and make enough overhead to push the game to completion. With a worst case scenario seeing the game lose a few minor features in its final build. If everything goes well in the next couple of weeks, Harvey intends to stream some gameplay sessions of Tangiers.

We will keep up to date on all future updates on Tangiers in the following weeks. You can read the full update on the game’s Kickstarter page.

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