Krillbite Studio has confirmed that their toddler-sized horror game Among the Sleep will be arriving on Xbox One in June.

The announcement comes from the studio’s Twitter page after a fan asked how the port was coming. According to the studio, they wanted to keep people in “suspense,” as long as possible.

Among the Sleep is a first-person exploration game where players see through the eyes of a toddler trying to make sense of the world around him. Accompanied by a sentient teddy bear, players explore nightmarish landscapes that are being stalked by shadowy monsters.

The Xbox One version of Among the Sleep doesn’t have a firm release date but the studio says that it will come out sometime this June. The port was announced last May after the original game sold well and was considered a success.

Among the Sleep originally released for the PC in May 2014 and was ported to the PS4 in December 2015.

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