Among the Sleep, last year’s child trauma simulator and nightmare inducer, is receiving a PS4 release “late this year” according to Krillbite Studios’ official Twitter.

The Norwegian developers stated that the PS4 release is pending some bug fixes that the team is “weeding out.”

The game is also slated for an Xbox One release.

A first-person horror game, Among the Sleep puts the player in the footie pajamas of a two-year old who, along with his companion Teddy who is obviously a stuffed elephant (just kidding, of course he’s a Teddy Bear), must explore the horrors of his home at night, seeking comfort to fend off his fear anywhere he can find it.

Among the Sleep was made available on Steam about a year after its successful kickstarter campaign raising almost $250,000. Steam reviews for the game were kind with an exceptional 90% positive review rate. Meanwhile, critics were somewhat more mixed but still mostly positive.

Brienne Gacke
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