All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall, the “Tech-Noir Tactics” game from former members of YAGER Entertainment (Spec Ops: The Line), will be available on Steam Early Access from August 8, 2017.

Set in an alternate future version of 2089 in which the Berlin Wall never fell, the game tasks players with uncovering the identity of a rogue agent that has tried to turn a century-long Cold War hot by detonating a nuclear device within a television studio. The full game will feature three acts with three characters who each have unique skills, but the Early Access release includes only the first act and a single character, Kai, whose time manipulation abilities are based around the idea of the past.

inbetweengames currently plans for All Walls Must Fall to remain in Early Access for at least six months, with content updates provided every four-to-six weeks, beginning with the ‘Bad Language’ and ‘Discrimination’ stretch goals from the game’s successful Kickstarter campaign earlier this year. These updates will focus on integrating new mission types, room types, and NPCs into the game’s nightclub settings, rather than making major alterations to the core gameplay.

All Walls Must Fall is a turn-based tactics game in the vein of XCOM, but features various means of manipulating time to modify the environment and enemy behaviours. Many more details about the game and how the developers plan to flesh out the current experience are available in the interview that OnlySP conducted with inbetweengames’s Jan David Hassel earlier this year.

A price for the game has not yet been announced, although the team has assured that the price will not change after the game leaves Early Access.

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Damien Lawardorn
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