Tired of playing a shooter where you’re handed the ultimate death-bringing auto-aim cannon in the first level? Have you ever purposefully held off spending upgrade points because the game was easy enough as it was? Then you may very well find Gearbox’s upcoming Aliens: Colonial Marines a nice change of pace, as it promises a brutal and challenging trek that will truly test your mettle.

Gearbox senior producer Brian Burleson stated in a recent interview that in order to properly convey the tense Aliens atmosphere and stay true to the film’s depiction of the Xenomorphs, the game is going to provide players with challenging enemies to overcome.

To make [the Xenos] feel as threatening as they are in the franchise, they’ll kill you in two or three hits usually. That’s pretty vicious. [In terms of difficulty levels] you add different things like where they’re coming from, you have more of them, you have them coming at you more relentlessly and their AI is more. We have a lot of painstaking detail to make sure that it feels like the Aliens that you expect, that they can come at you from any opportunity they have.

In co-op, the amount of Xenomorphs will scale according to the amount of players. The game will definitely put up a fight no matter how you play, but the folks at gearbox are also making sure that things are still ultimately manageable.

You don’t want to make it unfair, you want to present the player with a challenge they can overcome and when they do they feel like they’ve grown and they’ve learned something, they feel like next time this happens they can be better.

Aliens: Colonial Marines comes out of its egg on February 12, 2013 on the PC, PS3, Xbox 360, and Wii U. Make sure to follow OnlySP for more ‘difficult’ news.

[Official Playstation UK]

Michael Urban
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