We’re all shaking our heads in disappointment right now. A site called Alien Noire that popped up last month was counting down the days to what was a supposed re-reveal of Bethesda and Human Head’s Prey 2, but it seems that we’ve all been duped.

Last week, in speaking to Joystiq, a Bethesda spokesperson said they have no idea who made the site and denied the publisher’s involvement with it. When we registered for the site earlier this week, we started to receive screenshots of the game via Email newsletters, which rekindled our hope that the site was an official source for the game’s reveal.

Today however, is a totally different story. Users on the Facepunch forums looked deeper into the images and found that they were actually taken from an IGN gameplay preview video, which in turn renders the site to be an extremely likely hoax.

Undoubtedly disappointing news, but hopefully the buzz surrounding the site speaks to Human Head (and whoever ends up publishing the title should it ever come out of development hell) that we still very much want Prey 2. Below, you can see the screenshot comparisons as well as the gameplay video in which they were found.

Stay tuned for any more news that we dig up regarding Prey 2.


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Nick Calandra
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