In a new interview on the Playstation Blog, Alistair Hope revealed a new feature that will take advantage of the Dualshock 4 PS4 controller.

While playing Alien: Isolation, players will constantly be checking their motion tracker to keep a tab on where the Alien is located. However, The Creative Assembly is tacking on a new feature that will utilize the DualShock 4’s light bar at the top of the controller.

While playing, the light bar will “mirror the signal on the motion tracker – it flashes in-sync with the motion tracker’s ping, increasing in frequency as the Alien approaches,” explains Hope.  He continues on to say that the feature is, “especially effecting when you’re playing in the dark.”

Definitely a cool addition in my opinion that will only add to the player’s immersion while playing Alien: Isolation. Just make sure you have a good sound system and complete darkness and maybe a few extra pairs of underpants just in case.

The release date for Alien: Isolation will be revealed at EGX Rezzed in just a few days time. Be sure to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to get all the latest info on Alien: Isolation and other single player titles. Check out our Most Anticipated video for Alien: Isolation just below.

Don’t forget to read the full interview at the Playstation Blog.

Nick Calandra
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  1. “especially effecting when you’re playing in the dark.”

    More like an annoying blinking LED that would piss me off. There’s a reason I play in the dark; because I want to be IN THE DARK. Why should there be more annoying lights?

    1. You can turn it off, stop moaning about silly things.

      1. Did the devs said you can disable it? If yes, okay then my comment was premature and I was wrong. If not, then I stand by what I said.

        1. I checked up on it and apparently you will only have the option to dim it.
          So my bad. Still, I don’t get why it annoys people so much. Just lower your controller a bit or stick some tape over it if you must. Besides don’t you think it could be cool seeing the green flash with the sound effects from the motion tracker? the sound could also come from the controller. It would be cool! :)

          1. Except… you know, there are people who sit on beanie bags and their TV is leveled quite low to the ground too? So, how low must one put the controller then? Between the crotch?

            A static light doesn’t bother me, blinking bothers me more and because the motion tracker device is an essential part of gameplay, then that means the LED on the DS4 is going to be blinking faster than a Xmas tree. No thank you.

            Once again, the reason to play in the dark is because… to be IN THE DARK. Annoying lights from other sources other than the TV makes no sense.

  2. but developers call the wiiU a gimmick but the fuckin thing works. how is the ps4 controller going to enhance gameplay?

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