I still haven’t finished Alien: Isolation. Partially because I don’t have time, but I’m also a pansy and just can’t get it done. Not like college provides me enough stress on my plate right?

Well, The Creative Assembly originally designed the game much differently than what was released as the final product. Alien: Isolation was actually a third person title early on in development, which The Creative Assembly revealed at GDC yesterday.

Destructoid recorded some of the presentation so you can see what the game originally looked like in the third person view. Needless to say, The Creative Assembly certainly made the right choice in making the game a first person experience. With everything so “in your face” (pun intended), it creates a tension with players that third person games usually can’t achieve.

Games like the original Resident Evil and Dead Space successfully pulled it off, but not many do in my opinion. Check out the footage for yourself, which is off-screen by the way, just below and be sure to let us know what you think of it in the comments section.


Nick Calandra
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  1. Could have worked in 3rd person a la Splinter Cell but I’m glad it went first person. A combination of 3rd person cover and first person everything else would have been perfect I think.

  2. If it were an option like “Skyrim” to play in third person that’d been cool.

  3. Would have liked it either way. Playing in 3rd person could have worked in that it could look like you were watching a movie.

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