A free new update for Alien: Isolation has added two new difficulties for the campaign. Nightmare mode has been described as the “ultimate Alien: Isolation experience.”

The nightmare difficulty adds a damage display and unreliable information for the player. Resources are even more limited and the map system has been shut off, while synthetics and human survivors are stronger then ever. The Alien AI has been advanced to become even more adaptive to its environment, “learning from your tactics with chilling speed and with intensified senses that will give you no second chances…”

Players who wish to sail through the game without any challenges can play through the new Novice mode. Allowing more resources, less trouble from enemies, and a tamer Alien hunting you down.

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Tripp Papineau
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  1. so where is the update? i haven’t gotten it yet

    1. Should be available now? I’d shoot a message over to Creative Assembly on Twitter if you can to ask about it.

      1. i would if i ever used twitter. alas, i’ve never been to the website

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